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At Homero Garza MD - HG Pediatrics, we strive to provide patients with professional pediatric care to ensure their health. We understand that it can be difficult to determine what is a serious condition or just a case of the sniffles. When it comes to children needing medical treatment, communication is crucial. Parents can have difficulty understanding a child’s needs.

Fortunately, our team of professionals specializes in newborn, pediatric and adolescent care. We take the time to truly understand a child’s needs before customizing the treatment.

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Our Team

Our team has the skills and tools necessary to help children receive the care they need when they need it. While a general physician can offer medical care for most teens and adults, newborns and adolescents will need a more specific type of treatment. Our team builds a comfortable environment for both parents and children to relax during the appointment. More importantly, we can ensure that your child receives the proper type of care to remain healthy and grow up without issue. We welcome questions from parents or the child, as well. Raising a child can be difficult and frightening at times, but we hope to help ease those worries with our treatment.

Our Services

We provide patients with a variety of services that focus on pediatric well checks and ensuring the child’s quality of health. While parents do not need to worry about some symptoms, there are situations that require professional medical care. What may be a common condition for adults can be a much more serious condition for children. Thus, we can help treat pediatric vomiting, pediatric headaches, pediatric abdominal pain, pediatric asthma and kids fever. The earlier a child begins to receive pediatric care, the better chance the child has of continuing to grow up healthy. We also offer influenza tests, pediatric immunizations, adolescent care, vaccinations pediatric urgent care services and more.

Patient Information

For new patients, we will need to go over their medical history, current condition, insurance information, and known allergies and other pertinent information at the first appointment. Once we gather this information, we will conduct an examination before forming a diagnosis. We will then customize the treatment to the patient’s individual needs. We will answer any and all questions since no question is wrong. We understand how frightening it can be when a child gets their first cold or fever. Thus, we are here as a source of information and professional treatment when other health problems occur. We can continue to provide patients with treatment well into their teen years as well.