5 Reasons to Bring Children to a Pediatrician for Well Visits

Posted on: July 16, 2018

A pediatrician plays a critical role in monitoring a child's health and ensuring that they are growing and developing as they should. Because of this, it is necessary for a child to visit a pediatrician on a regular basis as they grow. These wellness visits can improve a child's long-term health outcomes.

Because children need to visit our office so regularly, many parents wonder if these visits are necessary. Indeed, they are, and here is why.

There is a lot that parents may not know

Raising a child is hard work. Most parents are incredibly dedicated and take this role very seriously. They know a lot about their child, what they like and don't like, their moods, sleep patterns, favorite foods, etc. However, this does not make a parent an expert when it comes to health and development. As a pediatrician, we are trained to help in answering these questions and guiding parents. After spending years in medical school and working in a clinical environment, we have the educated knowledge about children's health that parents most likely do not have. We are a resource, and during these regular well visits, we can share that knowledge and information, empowering parents to do an even better job of raising their child.

It is essential for children to be immunized

Diseases that used to claim lives and create long-term disabilities no longer do that thanks to the creation of immunizations and giving them to kids at the appropriate ages. For example, polio used to impact a significant portion of the US population. It no longer does, and this is due to vaccines. It is critical for children to receive them in a timely fashion. During these wellness visits, we provide children with immunizations they need to be protected against serious diseases.

We want to detect health problems early on

During these visits, we examine children and discuss what their behaviors are with parents. We often provide questionnaires that parents can fill out talking about things their child does at home. This allows us to determine if their development is on track with that of their peers. If it is not, we can begin to investigate why. Detecting these health problems early on is critical, primarily when the cause of a developmental delay can be treated. For example, if a child has a hearing problem, it could cause delays in speech development. Knowing that allows us to provide hearing assistance so that they can continue to advance and further development.

We can test for things like lead

Lead poisoning is a serious concern. It can cause problems with cognition and mental processing. We can check for it in our office and run tests for any concerns that we have.

Knowledge is power

Ultimately, it is essential for parents to understand what is happening with their child's health and development. Knowledge is power and the more that we know and the sooner we know it, the better treatments we can provide. These wellness visits give us the insight and information we need to do so.

Wellness visits are essential for a child's health

It is in a child's best interest to visit the pediatrician on a regular basis for these scheduled well visits. We invite any parent to call our office to schedule an appointment or to ask questions about how frequently their child should be visiting our office. We also provide care for sick children and encourage parents to schedule an appointment for sick visits.

Request an appointment in our Houston office here: https://www.hgpediatrics.com.

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