Our Pediatric Walk-In Clinic Can Treat Your Child Fast

Posted on: April 23, 2019

pediatric walk-in clinic Houston, TX

A pediatric walk-in clinic can provide the help you need when your child suddenly falls ill. It can be a very frustrating experience for many parents. You are not sure if the condition is something that requires immediate treatment or if it can wait a few days. To make things worse, most children have a hard time expressing how their bodies feel, adding more confusion.

When it comes to the health of your child, it is always best to play it safe. It is better to unnecessarily rush to the clinic in the middle of the night than to wish you did the next day.

Why you need a pediatric walk-in clinic

A pediatric walk-in clinic can be very helpful when it comes to dealing with a sick or injured child. Your child's condition can be properly diagnosed by the staff, and treatment can be administered as well. Pediatric walk-in clinics are great for sudden illnesses since you do not need an appointment and there are no long waiting periods.

You can expect the staff to ask questions like:

  • How long has your child felt ill?
  • How high has their fever been?
  • Is your child having issues breathing?
  • Has your child lost their appetite?
  • Does your child have a runny nose?
  • Is your child sleeping properly?
  • Does your child have any allergies?
  • Does your child have any chronic conditions?

Common issues treated at our pediatric walk-in clinic

1. Common cold

The common cold is the side effect of a viral infection. It leads to the inflammation of the lining of the upper respiratory tract. This leads to increased mucus production that can cause stuffiness and congestion. There are over a hundred viruses that are known to cause the common cold.

A cold will usually go away on its own in a week or two. It is spread by direct contact or via the air. The symptoms can last up to two weeks for infants.

The pediatric walk-in clinic can determine if your child has a cold and provide the proper treatments. Rest and plenty of sleep go a long way when it comes to fighting off a cold. Your child should also be given fluids, preferably vitamin-rich fruit juices. Parents should never medicate kids under three months unless directed by a doctor. If the symptoms of a cold persist for more than 10 days or they intensify, take your child to a doctor immediately.

2. Fever

A fever is the body's response to being infected. It is one of the symptoms of many health issues. A fever may make a child appear sicker than they actually are, so parents should try to bring their temperature down to better evaluate them.

Use a thermometer to monitor your child's temperature. Do not place them in cold water. Instead, give your child a lukewarm bath. Encourage your child to drink vitamin-rich fluids. Retake the child's temperature every four hours.

Head to the clinic immediately if your child has a high fever or if they are under three months old.

Get the treatment your child needs

At out Houston pediatric walk-in clinic, your child gets the urgent treatment they need without having to wait for an appointment. If you do not know how to treat your child’s illness, visit our office at any time.

Call us today at (832) 246-7260 for more information from Homero Garza MD – HG Pediatrics.

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