Reasons to Visit a Pediatrician in Houston Right Away

Posted on: August 16, 2018

Finding a pediatrician in Houston is the first thing a family should do when moving to the area. A pediatrician is the one tasked with maintaining a child’s health, monitoring their development and treating them if they do become ill. They are an integral part of a child’s health care plan and so, if you do not have one, here are just a few reasons to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible.

#1 Is a child up to date on their immunizations?

There has been a lot of debate in recent years over immunizations and whether or not to give them to children. As a pediatricians’ office, we are warning parents that the rate of measles has gone up in the U.S. and Europe because parents have not been immunizing their children. This is an unnecessary risk. Immunizations are designed to prevent diseases, and because of that, they save lives. Children who go to school are at risk if other kids have not been immunized. The best way to eliminate the risk is to have children be immunized on a schedule.

#2 Are they growing as they should?

We use growth charts to determine if a child is growing as they should. This helps us to identify if there is anything that we should be concerned about. Most children grow without a problem, but if they are severely over or underweight, that could be an issue that requires parents making lifestyle changes. For example, a child may need more nutritious food to help them gain healthy weight or need to start a healthy diet to avoid getting something like diabetes.

#3 Do parents have any questions?

Sometimes it is easier for parents to ask questions from a pediatrician in Houston than to look up information online. Plus, asking a question in person is going to give the best possible answer, and a solution that is specific to the individual patient. We encourage anyone with health and development questions to call us and schedule an appointment.

#4 Is a child sick?

If a child is sick, bringing them to our office is a good idea. We can conduct an examination, determine if they need to be treated and prescribe medication as necessary. We can then monitor their recovery and help them to get better, and then prevent illness in the future. Unfortunately, too many parents wait to find help for their child until they are severely ill. This is not wise. We recommend establishing the relationship early so that when a child is sick, a physician is already familiar with their health history.

We are accepting new patients

One of the most significant challenges parents have with finding a pediatrician in Houston, is locating an office that is accepting new patients. Some only take new patients if they are already treating another family member. Fortunately, this is not the case in our office. We are accepting new patients and would welcome the opportunity to provide your child with medical care.

Call to schedule an appointment

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