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What Happens During Regular Visits to a Pediatrician

We encourage parents to schedule appointments on a regular basis so that we can examine their child and determine if they are growing appropriately or if there are any health concerns that we need to address.

During each of these well visits, we are going to do several things to determine if a child is in the best possible health. These include:


We want to know how tall the child is to let us determine if the child is growing at the correct rate in comparison to children of same age. We will reference growth charts to determine what is the proper height for a specific age. Granted, these charts help us to see averages so not every child is going to rank at or near the top.

Still, they are an important reference for determining if a child is in the healthy range. More importantly, it allows us to determine if they have grown since their last annual visit. This gives us a better sense of a child's development because we can compare the child against the results from past visits.


In addition to measuring height, we will measure weight. It is important for children to be in a healthy weight range since weight can directly impact development. The younger a child is, the more impact weight can have on growth. We know that children at a healthy weight are going to make important developmental gains versus children who are not at a healthy weight.

Again, we will also be measuring a child against themselves to determine how much they grow over time. If the child is not at a healthy weight, we may recommend that parents begin feeding them a protein drink for children or to eat a healthy snack each day.


While here, we will examine the child and check their reflexes, lungs, feel for any strange growths or bumps, etc. These thorough physical examinations can help us to identify anything that may be of concern and require treatment. As a child gets older, we may add a few additional tests to their examination.

For example, we may need to check their eyesight to determine if they are having any problems with vision. With older children, we will also conduct a quick inspection of their genitals. In other words, there are a few age-appropriate things that we need to do to ensure that our young patients are as healthy as possible.

During well visits, we will also give children the necessary immunizations to ensure that they are protected against the disease.


In addition to bringing children in for these all-important well visits, we recommend that parents give us a call when their child is sick and remains sick for more than a couple of days. Sometimes, symptoms can go away with rest and fluids. If the child remains sick, it is important to bring them to the pediatrician so they can receive necessary antibiotics.


If your child is sick, in need of antibiotics or it is time for them to have a well visit, call our office and schedule an appointment. As a local pediatrician, we will be happy to assist them.

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