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Why a Houston Pediatrician Recommends Getting Immunized

Many parents, fearful of the side effects of immunizations have begun choosing not to immunize. As a doctor, we want to warn parents about the dangers of not immunizing. We also want to stress that we are available to answer any questions parents may have about immunizations.


It is important for parents to acknowledge that immunizations serve an important purpose, regardless of how they may feel. Prior to immunizations, children and even adults were dying due to illnesses like measles, mumps, rubella and many more. Conditions like polio were devastating the population, leading to paralysis and a loss of bodily function. These diseases were claiming lives o changing them in a drastically negative way.

Immunizations are a true miracle for people who experienced loved ones dying or becoming permanently paralyzed because of these devastating conditions. It is easy to forget about this history since it is something that most people no longer experience firsthand. That is a good thing and we hope that none of the patients that visit our office will ever have to experience the horrible effects of these conditions.

That is why immunizations are so incredibly important. Without them, people are exposed to these diseases. In fact, getting immunizations into the hands of doctors in Third World countries is a big part of what increases the average lifespan of children across the world.


We understand that there are side effects associated with many immunizations and it is important for parents to take those into consideration. This is why we provide parents with information sheets on the type of side effects they can expect anytime that we administer immunizations.

However, it is important for parents to weigh out the risk of a child suffering a side effect versus the award of them not contracting the disease now or at a later date. In the medical community, we believe that the reward of not contracting one of these diseases far outweighs the risk of a side effect.


As a Houston pediatrician, we are also sensitive to the concerns that parents have and are happy to do what we can to alleviate them. For example, if parents have concerns about the side effects and the possibility of a child contracting a high fever, for example, we can give immunizations in smaller increments.

Instead of administering four immunizations at a time, we can administer one in an appointment and the patient can return for subsequent nurse visits to receive the rest of the immunizations. We can work with parents to customize schedules to ensure that they are comfortable with their children receiving these potentially life-saving immunizations.

In other words, we are happy to work with parents to create a plan that everyone is comfortable with and will still provide a child with important health benefits.


It is important for parents to bring their children to a Houston pediatrician that they are comfortable with. We find that when patients sit down with us and ask questions, it can help to alleviate some of the common concerns of immunizations. We invite parents to ask as many questions as they want. This way, the parents will be able to make a decision that they feel confident about.


We want to help your children be as healthy as possible so call our office and schedule an appointment to speak with the Houston pediatrician today about immunizations or any other health concerns that you have.

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