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Why Well Child Visits With a Pediatrician Are Important


As a mother or father, you do everything possible to protect your child and keep them well. Having your son or daughter checked by a doctor according to the recommended schedule is part of being a responsible parent. Well child visits allow pediatricians to monitor a child from a health-related perspective to ensure they remain healthy. Simply put, this is a way for parents to prevent their children from becoming ill or injured. The schedule of assessments and screenings cover a child from birth through the teenage years and beyond.

Following a “periodically schedule” developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), pediatricians who offer well child visits stick to a strict guideline that starts at three to five days of age and goes until the patient turns 21.


There are numerous benefits associated with these visits to a pediatrician, including:


Overall, these visits allow a pediatrician to review children as they grow. At the same time, they serve as an opportunity for parents to raise concerns, get answers and hear advice. Considering that so many childhood illnesses and injuries are preventable, it pays for parents to take advantage of these visits.

To get the most from a visit with a pediatrician, parents should schedule an appointment during a time that will not disrupt their child’s schoolwork or extra curriculum activities and bring a list of topics to discuss.


As a loving parent, take advantage of well child visits with a pediatrician. Both you and your child will benefit tremendously in more ways than imagined.

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