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Well Child Visit

HG Pediatrics

Homero Garza, MD

Pediatrician located in Houston, TX

A regular well-child visit is one of the best ways that you can protect the long-term health of your infant, child, or adolescent. Homero Garza, MD, and the team at HG Pediatrics, in Houston, Texas, offers quality well-child visits to children of all ages to help prevent, detect, and treat childhood conditions that may impact their growth and development. To schedule a well-child visit, call or book an appointment online with their office today.

Well Child Visit Q & A

What is a well-child visit?

A well-child visit is a thorough assessment that your pediatric team performs when your child is not ill, ideally on an annual basis. Well-child visits may begin within 3-5 days after birth, as part of quality newborn care, and extend through young adulthood.

A well-child visit allows your child’s pediatric team to track their overall health, as well as:

  • Update vaccinations
  • Detect early signs of illness
  • Educate you and your child
  • Monitor growth and development
  • Identify developmental issues
  • Assess their mental and emotional health
  • Give you a chance to express concerns
  • Gives your child a chance to ask questions

Well-child visits are especially important as part of excellent adolescent care, as many parents and children have hard questions that require utmost trust, respect, and compassion. A well-child visit is a valuable opportunity to partner with your child’s pediatric team to get support and advice as you help your child navigate every stage of development. HG Pediatrics is with you and your child every step of the way.

How often does my child need a well-child visit?

The HG Pediatrics team suggests following the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for well-child visits, which coincide with the immunization schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Typically, well-child visits begin within 2-3 days after birth as part of excellent newborn care. Then, they follow a set schedule: 

  • Two weeks
  • One month
  • Two months
  • Four months
  • Six months        
  • Nine months
  • 12 months

After your child’s first birthday, well-child visits take place at:

  • 15 months 
  • 18 months 
  • Two years
  • 30 months
  • Three years

From four years old through young adulthood, the HG Pediatrics team recommends that your child has a well-child visit about once a year. Many families choose to schedule a comprehensive well-child visit near the start of the school year, as many districts require school physicals. 

What happens during a well-child visit?

The HG Pediatrics team tailors your child’s well visits to fit their specific developmental needs. 

During their visit, the team: 

  • Measures height and weight
  • Records blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate
  • Assesses vision and hearing
  • Looks inside the ears, nose, and mouth
  • Listens to the heart, lungs, and abdomen 
  • Tests reflexes, reactions, and motor skills
  • Takes a sample of blood or urine, if needed
  • Administers and updates vaccinations


If the team finds any concerning signs or symptoms, they may discuss further evaluation or make treatment recommendations based on their assessment. The HG Pediatrics team commits to helping your child receive the best possible care throughout their childhood and gives you the support and resources you need to raise a healthy young adult. 

To schedule a well-child visit, call or schedule an appointment online with HG Pediatrics today.